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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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no. there are still big hurdles to overcome. speaking from my party i can say we'll be as constructive as possible in our search for compromises. but of course we're all this we're aware that we want to deliver the right kind of deal for the country that means it's going to be a tough day. talk. to the viewers fabienne founder mark is at the socialist democrat the social democrats headquarters where the talks are taking place in our understanding is that the negotiators have left the most contentious issues for last walk us through what some of the main obstacles are and how tough will it be for them to find a compromise. well they are trying hard to find this compromise obviously since it took already eighteen hours that they spend here in the headquarters of the social democratic party for us at this very moment it's
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hard to say where they got stuck since no information at all gets out of the talks during this night so we can only believe that they're still struggling with the same topics that they struck a while ago we heard that taxation policy and refugee policy are the major obstacles where they're still discussing and money the money question the new government in germany has a lot of money that they can spend on top that's forty five billion euros but that's apparently not enough there are projects on the table that cost some one hundred billion euros so everyone has to give up on some of these projects and that's certainly nothing easy and then the social democrats they definitely need a success in the field of social policy and everything that's available or that it's thinkable there is very costly whether it would be a reform of the health care system or higher pensions all these things that the
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social democrats would love to offer to their voters is controversial and expensive . as you said they've been going for eighteen hours now but let's let's assume the worst for a minute what happens if after those eighteen hours they walk out of those doors and they have no deal to offer what does that mean for chancellor angela merkel. for her that would be highly problematic since it's not just these eighteen hours if you bear in mind that the elections were in september last year and since then he tries to form a coalition tries to form to find a coalition partner and she has failed already ones if the social democrats also wouldn't one to form a coalition with her that would be almost catastrophic for her the options for her would then be only a minority government which she never wanted to have really in germany or fresh
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elections and then it would be a big question whether it would be her who could go again into a fresh election. and you've been standing out there all night for us fabienne it's now well after four am do we have an idea of when we're going to hear what the outcome of these talks are. well we hope that before dawn maybe there can be as a result politicians here if they are not in the core group of the negotiations at the moment they spend their time playing cards or eating curry warst which we heard from the chief of staff for example so they do what they can do if they're not in the talks if they're in the talks they negotiate hard and at some point we hopefully get a result. of invented like standing outside the social democrats headquarters where these talks are taking place thank you very very much
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anger across pakistan the rape and murder of an eight year old girl has shocked the nation and sparked a violent demonstrations two protesters have died in clashes with police this is the twelfth child to be sexually assaulted and killed in the area over the past year and with the killer still at large demonstrators accuse police of being too slow to act. boils over at the death of another little girl and investigators failure to find out who killed her. is through the tone of targeting the local police station officers opened fire and chaos ensues. protesters attempt to carry away the injured. the girls' families over the police response to the protests seen ups father told d.w. that he wants justice for his daughter. we demand that the government take steps
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to ensure the safety and protection of all ghettos in this country. i'd also like to appeal to the army chief and the chief justice that steps be taken to avoid such tragedies like those taken in many army counter-terrorism operations. this is a community in grief. vanished on her way to us last week. this is the last image of her alive and a new one man leading her away holding her hand. police discovered her body on this trash heap on tuesday seen obvious believed to have been raped several times and then strangled to death her family wants a thorough investigation. of the murderer be arrested a life police shouldn't look to lift the burden from themselves by killing some innocent person and then seeing no you have justice. the lawyer who are high court
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chief justice has ordered the police to take swift action in this case but with president putin has said what they see is a failure to properly investigate previous abductions there could well be more protests to come. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has come under fire after reportedly insulting haiti el salvador and african nations in a foul mouthed outburst trump is said to have asked why the u.s. should continue to accept immigrants from what he suggested were undesirable countries lawmakers are trying to put together an immigration reform package that includes protection for the children of undocumented migrants so in texas french police are reported to have recovered all of the jewels stolen in wednesday's brazen heist on the ritz hotel in paris some of the loot was seized when three armed thieves were arrested as they tried to flee the remainder was in
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a bag recovered by police the gems and watches stolen were thought to be worth over four million euros. saudi arabia's first car show aimed at women drivers has opened at a shopping mall in the city of jeddah the exhibition is taking place just months after king solomon ordered an end to the country's ban on women driving saudi women are due to take to the roads in june. and u.s. president trump is expected to decide today whether to reimpose sanctions on teheran if he does this would be in violation of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear agreement the european union is not happy about such a possibility which was made clear when iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif visited brussels. for the iranian delegation brussels was of reassurance couldn't come at a better time the foreign ministers of britain germany and france as well as the
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e.u.'s foreign policy chief reaffirmed their support for the iran nuclear deal which u.s. presidents donald trump has recognized. the deal is working it is the living on its main goal which remains keeping the iranian nuclear program in check and. the surveillance. played an important role in crafting the landmark nuclear accord in the summer of two thousand and fifteen she has lobbied hard to convince washington to keep the nuclear issue separate from other contentious issues with tehran such as its ballistic missile program what the nuclear deal could however facilitate is talking about these issues something all ministers emphasized in brussels and a tradition of order or material on of course we must also address the situation in iran we are all very concerned regarding the rights of those demonstrating in the streets we are convinced that people have a fundamental right to demonstrate on top of that we also need to talk about iran's
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actions in the wider regional india you want to be. up he'll announce that iran had committed to a dialogue over its role in war torn yemen and syria but whether the nuclear deal and the diplomatic channels that come with it remain intact now depends on the us. british prime minister tourism as office says the country will not hold a second referendum on braggs that this comes after a prominent breaks it here nigel faraj said a second referendum might be a good idea he later clarified he didn't want another vote but feared it may be forced on the country by breaks that critics many politicians have called for a second poll saying the consequences of the decision were not clear to voters the first time. earlier we talked to our london correspondent asked her why faraj may have raised the prospect of a second are for random i think it is a bit of a stunt i think it's to keep his name in the media not many bricks it is would dad
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to call for a second referendum because they have a lot to lose that they won the first referendum and not many remain as daring to call for a second referendum become so for public opinion doesn't is not very clear that they would actually win it so that it's not really a lot of momentum at the moment behind a second referendum at all in the u.k. i was g.w. a correspondent be speaking from london a little earlier now many athletes have stories of overcoming burdens but lychee why has battled through more than most as a competitive rock climber he was named asian champion four times before an accident left him confined to a wheelchair but rather than giving up like came through what he calls one of the lowest points in his life now he's become the first person from hong kong to be nominated for a largest world sports award honoring the best sports men and women of the year and
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here's why. limbering up to lift not only his body but also his wheelchair like she why i was a champion rock climber until a car accident in twenty eleven let him paralyzed from the hip down but he wasn't going to let that stop. the hong kong native has kept up his passion despite the extra challenges that come with being paraplegic by physical and logistical. i love rock climbing before there was a lot more freedom i could go to various indoor climbing spaces or if i wanted to i could go rock climbing outdoors i could do it whenever i wanted but now that i'm in a wheelchair i need to consider a lot of things is it appropriate for me to climb is it safe are people there to help me or him it's all there his greatest achievement came on the fifth anniversary of the crash when like climb hong kong's lyon rock scaling the summit
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of a mountain that reaches to almost five hundred meters he come placements or light nominated for the laureus sports awards and sums up his attitude towards life. i understood from a young age that you only get one chance at life so i didn't want to regret anything . like he why hopes his story inspires other athletes with disabilities his triumph over adversity will surely see him reach even greater heights. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you this evening political leaders here in germany are holding talks to try and reach a deal on starting talks to form a new government and the americans conservatives and the center left social democrats set themselves a deadline of tonight to wrap up exploratory negotiations both sides say there are many issues still unresolved. and thousands of people rally in pakistan
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to protest against the rape and murder of an eight year old girl they accuse the police of being too slow to react to her disappearance. that's a news wrap join us again at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest information on our web site k w dot com and follow us on twitter thanks for watching. those times when germany is a strong country. we have achieved so much we can do this and do something henderson says we must overcome and. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w. made for mornings.


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